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Construction Services

Helping To Create Your Kitchen & Bedrooms

From listening to our customers, we realise that the most daunting aspect of installing or changing a kitchen unit can be the challenge of co-ordinating the associated auxiliary works to be carried out. From the plumbing and electrical work to tiling and plastering, maybe even a wall needs amended, and soon enough the thought of a new kitchen and the need to co-ordinate multiple trades people can be daunting enough to put you off the idea.

When you decide on a PFS piece of furniture, we take the stress out of the process by offering complete construction and auxiliary services as part of the package. This makes life so much easier all round, as now all the work can be done under our management, meaning there will be no issues such as the plumber pulling out at the last minute or the tiler not arriving on time. We find that the work gets done much quicker and much more efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Our comprehensive suite of Construction and Auxiliary Services include:
- Electrical Wiring
- Plumbing
- Tiling
- Plastering
- Building and Construction

A Competitive Price For Your Kitchen Makeover

And we know what you're thinking: "but the cost of this service will be prohibitively expensive?" When in actual fact it won't. The fact that our in-house team of craftsmen possess the necessary skills to carry out most construction and auxiliary work (we also have a network of sub-contractors across all trades that we can call upon if required) means that we can offer a more competitive quote than if you were to source the various trades' people separately.

So why worry and stress yourself over the prospect of co-ordinating multiple trades' people when we can project manage your home improvement from start to finish, thus minimising disruption to your daily routine? It makes sense to use PFS Kitchens when looking for a new kitchen or bedroom.

Kitchen Services


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