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Latest News | Advice On Do`s & Don`ts For Your New Kitchen Design

Advice On Do`s & Don`ts For Your New Kitchen Design

Thursday, August 23rd 2018 4:48pm

We found some very good advice from a US based website today on various do`s and don`ts when it comes to renovating your kitchen space. There is advice from 3 different kitchen designers on the site which is well worth taking heed of so we thought we would share it with you right here in this article.

Kitchen Design AdviceThe website in question is at My AJC and here is the advice from the designers:

Julia Buckingham: Founder, Buckingham Interiors + Design, Chicago

Do take advantage of the latest technology in electrical systems, audiovisual, and mechanicals. Newer systems save time, money, and increase the renovation's return on investment. The latest trends are in LED lighting, radiant flooring, televisions that pop up and move down, appliances integrated with smartphones and tablets or a refrigerator with an internet connection, touchscreen and camera to save recipes, watch cooking videos, compose shopping lists. For healthfulness, consider a steam oven.

Don't enlarge the square footage if that means using lesser-priced, inferior materials. Keep the job small to add to the room's tastefulness, durability, sustainability. Timeless classics survive trends.

Mick de Giulio: Founder, De Giulio Kitchen Design, Chicago

Do heed the domino effect. One simple change may affect others. Consider all the ramifications. Example: You changed your double ovens to a free-standing range. Are you compensating for the loss of pot and pan storage at the cooking area?

Don't limit the dreaming process. Put together a wish list, prioritize goals, and consider different ways to achieve them. The most expensive line item of any project can be regret. You can cut back at the end before you proceed.

Fred Wilson: Morgante-Wilson Architects, Chicago

Do make the work space separate without traffic circulating through it. Visitors to your kitchen should be comfortable and able to sit down, either at an island or breakfast table and be able to talk with you while you work in the kitchen.

Don't skimp on kitchen equipment. The price to upgrade to better appliances in the overall scheme of the cost of the kitchen is minimal. Get the appliances you want because you will use them every day.

We hope you found the advice illuminating and if you require any help with the design of your kitchen or bedroom please give us a call on 028 8774 0108 and we will be glad to help you out.


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