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Design Your Bedroom For A Good Nights Sleep

Tuesday, February 6th 2018 7:46pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens, the No 1 kitchen and bedroom designer and installer in Dungannon. Today we thought we would give you some tips on how to arrange and design your bedroom to ensure you get a good relaxing nights sleep each and every night.

Comfortable Mattresses & Clean Sheets

Bedroom DesignersFirstly the bed itself is of the utmost importance. Never let your mattress get too worn, old and bumpy as this can seriously affect your sleep patterns as well as giving you backache. A firm but comfortable mattress and clean sheets are a good start to an uninterrupted sleep. Also don`t have the temperature of the bedroom too hot or too cold, around 20 degrees centigrade is the optimum temperature.

Having a tidy bedroom can also aid sleep as this is less disturbing for the mind than items strewn around the room. And if you can design the bedroom with plenty of storage so that everything has its place all the better. When you are thinking of colours for the bedroom many people opt for purple as it is very popular, but it is also a loud, bold and bright colour which is not conducive to rest. It is better to go for a more muted colour such as pastels which will help the eyes and the mind relax before you go to sleep. Research has shown that soft blues, yellows and greens are very good colours to have in the bedroom to create a relaxing, stress free atmosphere.

Bright Lights Are Too Stimulating

As for lighting try not to have too bright lights which are too stimulating, you can choose dimmer switches and use block out curtains and blinds to keep out the sunlight. You can also choose bulbs that have a low wattage, they will make the room less light and save on energy bills as well.

If you want more advice on how to design a relaxing bedroom environment you can contact us here at PFS Kitchens by ringing us on 028 8774 0108. Or alternatively if you are in the Dungannon area why not call into our showroom for a chat and look at what we have to offer.

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