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Do You Choose Your Kitchen Design Or Appliances First?

Tuesday, October 31st 2017 4:49pm

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog. Now here is an interesting question I want to put to you, when renovating your kitchen would you choose your design first or choose your appliances and fit your kitchen design around those? That has got you thinking hasn`t it?!

Integrate Your Kitchen Appliances Into The Design

Kitchen Appliances After Kitchen Design

It is probably no surprise that we, as kitchen designers, tend go for choosing the design of your kitchen first and taking things from there. If you choose your appliances first there are then limitations as to what space you can provide within the kitchen area, as far as we are concerned it is far better to get the design right first and then add the appliances which fit and integrate into this design.

When you are designing a kitchen a good designer (of which we are certainly one!) will take such things as functionality, materials, colour, layout, space, lighting, electrics and cost etc into account. Once you have all those areas covered with the design of the kitchen you can then choose your appliances to fit in with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Perfect Symmetry To Your New Kitchen

You need to ensure that the appliance choices work well with the design and that they fit the available spaces and the finish choices so that everything is working in unison and there is a perfect symmetry to it all. So client and designer working closely together is an absolute must in the initial stages so that all the requirements and aspirations of the client are fully realised at the end of the project.

With regard to appliance choices there is quite a limited choice compared to the design of the kitchen where you can let your imagination go a little more, so it makes absolute sense to choose your kitchen design first and then get the appliances once a design is settled upon.

We hope this blog article has got you thinking. If you would like help in renovating either your kitchen or a bedroom then we would love to hear from you. Please either drop into our showroom or just give us a call for a no obligation chat on 028 8774 0108.

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