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Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Monday, October 2nd 2017 4:31pm

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog, and today we are looking at small bedrooms and how you can make the most of them through a few nifty design ideas. Here are a few ideas for tiny bedrooms that will create space and make it that bit easier for you to enjoy the room.

Making The Most Of A Tiny Bedroom

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Tips

  • If there is room put the bed in the middle of the room so there is room to stand on both sides of the bed. Having a side of the bed up against a wall gives the impression of a very small space.
  • Choose light or pastel shades for the walls, light colours will make the bedroom feel larger than it is whereas garish colours will close it in. And never use vertical lines in the wallpaper.
  • Don`t waste room with table lamps and standing lamps, if you want extra lights in the bedroom have them hanging down so they are not taking up valuable floor space.
  • Don`t fill the room with clutter, only have items on show that you use on a regular basis or that you absolutely can`t do without. Clutter is the enemy of small rooms!
  • Potted plants on the floor are also a no-no. Have some greenery in the room by all means but stick to having plants and flowers on window sills or hang a planter on the wall or from the ceiling.
  • If you have a large mirror in the room there may be a small shelf along the bottom, so if there is use this to store items like keys, glasses and your money etc.
  • Ensure you have a bed that you can store stuff underneath, so freeing up space in other areas.

Designing Your Bedroom

If you need help with designing your bedroom or you are maybe looking to renovate and transform your bedroom space we would love to hear from you. We help design, create and install bedrooms so please give us a call at the earliest opportunity on 028 8774 0108.

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