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Why Now Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kitchen

Monday, September 4th 2017 4:35pm

Right now is probably the best time there has ever been to take the plunge and renovate your kitchen. This may seem like a pretty bold statement but there is no doubt that kitchens are big news in every way at present.

The Trendy Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen

It is very interesting to see the changes in how people perceive their kitchen over the last 10 to 20 years. From it being very much a no-go area for huge swathes of the population it has now become the trendy place to hang out and shoot the breeze, and this has come around due to a number of factors.

One factor is that cooking and food has become popular right across the board. Everybody wants to get involved in the cooking process (well everybody may be stretching the point a little but you get my drift!) and creating great dishes for everyone to enjoy can now be seen as a very pleasurable pastime. So getting your hands dirty in the kitchen is now cool and a good way to impress.

Open Space Kitchens

Another factor is the opening up of the kitchen area which has now become very much a part of the main living area and not just a room joined onto it. Walls have been knocked down, kitchens made larger and more spacious, and now you can cook and be in the kitchen without feeling outcast from the rest of the congregation (indeed the congregation are likely to be in the kitchen with you anyway!).

Now the new trend is for the kitchen to open up into the garden area and in fact extend into the garden. Extension projects to build the kitchen out into the garden are only going to become more and more popular over the next few years.

And there are so many wonderfully innovative and creative things you can do when designing a kitchen. From funky shelving to imaginative lighting, exciting accessories and using the right colours to accentuate the room the list is endless. You want a great looking, modern kitchen that is also functional and efficient.

High Quality Kitchen Designers

Which is where PFS Kitchens come in. We can help you in the design process of your kitchen, manufacture all the furniture and install it so the whole process is in-house. For more information on our services you can give our showroom a call by ringing 028 8774 0108.

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