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10 Simple Ideas For Designing A Small Bedroom

Sunday, July 30th 2017 10:20am

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens, today we are looking at some design ideas for people who are working with a small bedroom space. You sometimes think there is only a limited amount you can do with small bedrooms, but with the right design you can actually make a big difference. There are lots you can do but as a teaser here are just 10 simple ideas for you small bedroom space.

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

  1. If you have a small bedroom you don`t want it cluttered so create storage space by using under bed storage. By a bed with large drawers or plenty of space underneath for storage.
  2. Having built in wardrobes or dressers can be another very effective way of creating space in the bedroom, leaving more floor room for you.
  3. Use soft lighting, you could use a frosted shade and low watt bulbs to create this effect, as this helps to blur the edges of the room and give the appearance of having more space.
  4. Use floating shelves around the bedroom where you can store books, soft toys and other items, keeping the room free of clutter once again.
  5. Using calm, neutral colours such as pastels in your bedroom can create an effect of more space, bold colours can somehow bring the walls closer in, so use bright, soft colours when painting or wallpapering the room.
  6. Place the bed right in the centre of the bedroom, make it the focal point so you have room around both sides of the bed. If you can have the headboard against the wall that faces you when you enter the room this is usually ideal.
  7. If you are having a rug in the bedroom place it at least half under the bed so that when you are stepping out of the bed your feet land on the soft rug.
  8. Here is an interesting one! Ever seen fake book wallpaper? This gives the illusion that you are both very knowledgeable and you have a larger bedroom.
  9. Corner desks in bedrooms which come up to one side of the bed can give you room to work on and can also be used to place your nightstand.
  10. Adding mirrors around a bedroom can again create the illusion of more space and can be very useful if you can`t get in the bathroom to check yourself over in the morning!

Bedroom Design Services

I hope these tips prove useful, for more advice and information on bedroom AND kitchen designs please give PFS Kitchens a call on 028 8774 0108.

Small Bedroom Design Tips


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