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Kitchen Trends From Across The Pond

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 9:34pm

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog. Now if there is any truth in the old cliche that what is new and happening in the USA turns up here in the UK a few months or years later (and I am pretty sure that there is) then you may want to read on.

Architectural Digest Design Show

Kitchen Design Trends

The Architectural Digest Design Show was held in New York a couple of months ago and many of the movers and shakers in the world of design attend this rather grand event. This show presents some of the latest kitchen and bathroom trends not only coming out of the United States but globally so it is well worth checking out what is going on at the event. Here are some of the trends on show:
  • Customizable cooking surfaces were presented there. Modular cooking surfaces with different sizes and colours One such modular cooking surface had a steam insert and a removable griddle.
  • Handle free appliances seem to be another trend with many brands looking at finding new and innovative ways to remove handles from their products. For instance there was a built in refrigerator which you can open with your knee, very useful if you are juggling trifles and pizzas. There were also handle free dishwashers and coffee machines on display, sometimes they were for practical reasons and sometimes for aesthetic reasons.
  • Custom finishes on products such as fridges and freezers etc were also the order of the day, with some striking black and white finishes and fancy handles.
  • There were some metallic finishes on show in the kitchens and also one company had produced some ultra thin tiles which you could curve around corners which give you a very stylish, cool finish.
  • When it came to lighting, brass finishes were very much in attendance and the trend for LED lighting is still strong as we all try to be more environmentally friendly and save on energy costs.

Helping You With Your Kitchen Design

I am sure you will agree this is all very interesting to see which way the trends are likely to go as we go on through 2017. But of course the choice of kitchen design and the fittings and appliances you have in there is very much your own. For help designing your dream kitchen please get in touch with us for a no obligation chat on 028 8774 0108.

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