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Making More Space In Your Kitchen

Saturday, January 7th 2017 4:50pm

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog, and as this is our first blog of 2017 can we wish you a Happy New Year! Today we would like to share with you some excellent tips which come from Anna Watson Carl of The Yellow Table who resides in Manhattan, New York. She gives us `8 Smart Ways To Make More Space In A Small Kitchen` which we think is very valuable advice and definitely worth sharing with you.

You can read the full article on Anna Watson Carl`s tips on The Kitchn website at the following link Making More Kitchen Space and you cam also check out the tips below:

1. Use your oven for storage.

I have limited shelf and cabinet space, so I store all of my baking sheets, cooling racks, and muffins tins in the oven. The trick is to remember to take them out before you turn the oven on!

2. Install hooks wherever you can.

My husband Brandon installed a bunch of hooks on the side of our metro rack so I can hang strainers and oven mitts. It not only makes these items handy to grab, but it helps us get around our lack of drawers. I also have a hook to hold towels by the sink.

3. Create your own pantry!

Because we don't have a pantry, we bought an old wooden wardrobe off Craigslist, and I store all of my dried goods (pastas, beans, grains, canned goods, baking items, tea, coffee) in it, as well as extra baking dishes, coffee pots, and tools like my baking thermometer and cake icing supplies. I don't know what I'd do without it!

4. If you need more storage, buy it.

Getting creative about storage doesn't just apply to the pantry. Think about extra storage for all your gear. In my kitchen, my metro rack is a lifesaver. It sits in the corner and holds all of my electric appliances, like my food processor, stand mixer, blender, and hot water pot, as well as all of my cutting boards. The butcher block top doubles as extra counter space.

5. Organize things by how (and when) you use them.

I store all of my spices, vinegars, and oils together on one shelf above my sink (so they are away from the heat of the stove) and then store my plates, mugs, and glasses all within easy reach of my dishwasher so I can unload and load it quickly.

6. Store pots and pans up high.

There are several feet of free space between the tops of my cabinets and the ceiling, so I store all of my big pots and pans up there. I just jump up on a bar stool to pull things down when I need them.

7. Clean as you go.

This is probably the best space-saving trick I've learned. In a small space, it is imperative to clean as you go - otherwise you end up with teetering piles of dishes, pots, and pans that can quickly become disastrous (especially when you're trying to cook!)

8. If all else fails, use your bathtub.

I learned early on when cooking for big dinner parties, that sometimes you just need a place to hide your dirty dishes when they start piling up. I stack mine in my bathtub and pull the curtain - no one ever thinks to look back there, and I just wash them once everyone's left!

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