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Latest News | 15 Tips For Designing Your Kitchen To Create Perfection

15 Tips For Designing Your Kitchen To Create Perfection

Thursday, December 8th 2016 9:43pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post from PFS Kitchens, the kitchen designers and fitters that like to go the extra mile for all its clients. And today in our blog we are looking at 15 tips on how to design your kitchen so it is just about perfect, so please read on.

We found these 15 design features on the Fox News and thought they were so good we would share them with you. The website at Fox News is more for the US market but the kitchen design tips apply pretty much just the same here in the UK. Here are the tips below:

  1. Adequate Lighting. This goes without saying, you need both plenty of light from outdoors as well as inside.
  2. Abundant Seating. Certainly with them on this one, we like a kitchen as the social hub of the house.
  3. Surface Area. A kitchen needs plenty of surface areas to work on and sit around so the more the merrier.
  4. Movable Workstation. This is very handy of course as it gives you more open space when you need it and more work surface when you need it too.
  5. Organisation. Organisation is the key to life as well as kitchen design!
  6. Pots, Pans and Lids Organisation. Easier said than done but it is a fine point to start from and to try to keep to.
  7. Pullout Corner Storage. This makes all your corners easily accessible for you and is great for helping organise all your kitchen items.
  8. Dedicated Appliance Storage. Which will help free up space counter space for more important things.
  9. Sturdy Hardware. Not everybody wants solid metal on their cabinetry but there is no doubt it will extend the kitchens shelf life.
  10. Citrus. For refreshing and cleaning your kitchen, as well as giving it a lovely fragrance.
  11. Hand Towels. Use them instead of paper towels to eliminate waste.
  12. A Well-Defined Catch-All Space. Give all your bits and pieces a dedicated landing spot in your kitchen.
  13. Enclosed Trash And Recycling. They are keen on recycling in the US as well as here in the UK, always keep your `trash` covered.
  14. Coffee Station. Now you know this article was aimed at the US market! Even so I do like the idea of a coffee station myself.
  15. Character. A kitchen full of character makes it seem warmer, more inviting and a place to have fun in.

I hope you enjoyed the above tips, you can read more on these at the Fox News website at the following link: 15 Kitchen Design Tips That is all for today but we will be back with another blog post very soon so please keep checking out the website.


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