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6 Key Trends For The Kitchen This Year

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens, the premier kitchen and bedroom design company in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In todays blog post we thought we would look back at 6 of the key kitchen trends so far in 2017. There have been a whole host of new trends this year but here are 6 that we have picked out that have had a big influence on the look of our kitchens.

Do You Choose Your Kitchen Design Or Appliances First?

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog. Now here is an interesting question I want to put to you, when renovating your kitchen would you choose your design first or choose your appliances and fit your kitchen design around those? That has got you thinking hasn`t it?!

Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog, and today we are looking at small bedrooms and how you can make the most of them through a few nifty design ideas. Here are a few ideas for tiny bedrooms that will create space and make it that bit easier for you to enjoy the room.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kitchen

Right now is probably the best time there has ever been to take the plunge and renovate your kitchen. This may seem like a pretty bold statement but there is no doubt that kitchens are big news in every way at present.

How Even The Most Traditional People Are Seeing The Value Of A New Kitchen

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens in Coalisland, Co Tyrone. Kitchens are such a hot subject in the home that it really is hard to ignore them at the moment. And it now seems to be the concern of everyone, whereas once it was anything but.

10 Simple Ideas For Designing A Small Bedroom

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens, today we are looking at some design ideas for people who are working with a small bedroom space. You sometimes think there is only a limited amount you can do with small bedrooms, but with the right design you can actually make a big difference. There are lots you can do but as a teaser here are just 10 simple ideas for you small bedroom space.

Kitchen Trends From Across The Pond

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog. Now if there is any truth in the old cliche that what is new and happening in the USA turns up here in the UK a few months or years later (and I am pretty sure that there is) then you may want to read on.

Update On Our Kitchen & Bedroom Design Services

As we are nearing the halfway point in the year (we are not there yet but please don`t get too pedantic!) we thought we would give you an update on our services and how the year is panning out so far. Firstly for those not in the know we are PFS Kitchens, based in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, and we design, manufacture and install kitchens and bedrooms. We can deliver bespoke projects and also supply to people who are on quite a tight budget so we cater for everyone.

How To Create A Greener Kitchen On Earth Day

Hello and welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens in Coalisland, Co Tyrone, where we design, create and install quality kitchens and bedrooms. I don`t know if you are aware but today, April 22nd, is Earth Day, which as you may imagine has been created in an effort to raise awareness of the environmental challenges that need to be addressed if we are to ensure earth stays healthy for us and our ancestors.

Tips On Organising Your Kitchen To Get The Most Out Of Your Space

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at PFS Kitchens, the kitchen designers and fitters based in Coalisland in Co Tyrone. Today in our blog we are looking at some tips on the best way to organise your kitchen. Utilising the space in your kitchen well can play a big part in getting optimum enjoyment from it. So here goes:

Making More Space In Your Kitchen

Hello and welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog, and as this is our first blog of 2017 can we wish you a Happy New Year! Today we would like to share with you some excellent tips which come from Anna Watson Carl of The Yellow Table who resides in Manhattan, New York. She gives us `8 Smart Ways To Make More Space In A Small Kitchen` which we think is very valuable advice and definitely worth sharing with you.

More Kitchen Design Ideas And Cheap Ways To Revamp The Kitchen

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at PFS Kitchens, the kitchen and bedroom designers par excellence even though we do say so ourselves. We hope you are looking forward to the festive period and the New Year, and today we have some tips on kitchen design and ways you can revamp your kitchen on the cheap.

15 Tips For Designing Your Kitchen To Create Perfection

Hello and welcome to another blog post from PFS Kitchens, the kitchen designers and fitters that like to go the extra mile for all its clients. And today in our blog we are looking at 15 tips on how to design your kitchen so it is just about perfect, so please read on.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Up To Date And Stylish Without Slavishly Following Trends

We all want our kitchens to look stylish and fresh, and dare I say it `on trend` without it looking like we are just slavishly following the latest trends, but how can we do this? Well if you can incorporate elements into your kitchen design that are both great on the eye and also highly functional to boot, then you probably have a kitchen that you will both love and will not age any time soon.

Quotes On Kitchen Design To Inspire

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at PFS Kitchens, the company who can help you with projects in your kitchen or bedroom from start to finish, helping you create your design, producing the bespoke furniture and fittings, and managing and installing the kitchens and bedrooms.

The Benefits Of Using Our Professional Kitchen Design Services

Hello and welcome again to the PFS Kitchens blog, and today we are looking at the huge benefits in using a professional kitchen design service such as ourselves. You see pictures of kitchen designs and remodels all over the internet, and you may feel like you could do this yourself, but the reality is that to avoid any major issues and to get the best possible results you do need an experienced kitchen designer and fitter.

Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen On A Budget

Welcome to our blog here at PFS Kitchens. Today we are looking at how you can revamp your kitchen on a budget, we would always like you to use our services to create a brand new kitchen for you but we know this is not always possible, and so in the interim there are things you can do to spruce up your kitchen to make it look fresh and eye-catching.

Latest Bedroom Design Ideas

Welcome to the PFS Kitchens blog. We found a very interesting article the other day in the West Sussex County Times, and the article featured an interior designer called Chris Rivett who had some very interesting ideas on designing bedrooms for clients which we thought we would share with you.

Granite Is Still The Most Popular Kitchen Worktop Around

We read a very interesting article yesterday on a website called Treehugger, which although is looking at kitchens from the point of view of the United States is still very much relevant to us here in the UK. The article talked about what designs and materials are popular in the modern kitchen.

Up And Coming Kitchen Trends For 2017

Kitchen trends as we know are a fast moving and ever changing landscape, but nevertheless it is always good to have your finger on the pulse of the latest in vogue designs and hot tickets. With this in mind I saw a very interesting article on the Inman website (I will give you the link to their website below) about Zillow Digs latest Home Trends Forecast for 2017.

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